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Women are like flowers. We are all beautiful yet unique in our own way. When we are balanced and choose to focus on the good in our lives, we bloom, and we positively influence those around us. When we are not balanced and instead allow negativity to dominate, we are like a wilted flower.

The Petals
There are 8 petals representing the "Eight Areas of Balance."  As we plan or act in these areas we create joy and find "success." When we neglect any area we create stress.

The Square
A builder uses a Square as a reference in building. It helps the final product look better. This perfect square represents "Perfection."   Perfection is what we aim for but not what we expect. We EXPECT to someday be BETTER then we are today. Perfection gives us our direction.

The Circle
A circle has no end. Joy is in the journey when you are continually working towards the destination you want. Joy is not ONLY in the destination. The circle represents the journey, or our "Routines."   Notice that the circle is as attractive as the square. It is okay to fail, but we set new goals and see ourselves do better. When we give up, we are depressed. We are happy when we try one more time and get a little farther. Notice also that the circle, or "our routines," must touch on each area of balance.

The Swirl
The swirl at the center of the flower represents the unexpected events or "Challenges" in our lives. These are not "bad." Working through them is the spice and adventure of life. We keep the swirl under control through organizing, prioritizing, focusing, taking action, and staying in balance. This is represented by the petals and circle surrounding the swirl.

The Logo
All together the Logo represents JOY or in other words "SUCCESS."

Choose joy in the journey.
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